War Games steel cage match pro wrestling

THE MATCH BEYOND! Kefin and Jo learn all about WCW's ultimate match type! We chart a course through the history, highs, lows and resurgence of the iconic WAR GAMES


  • Sting's Squadron vs The Dangerous Alliance in a War Games match @ WrestleWar, WCW (1992)

  • Sting, Booker T, Goldberg and Kronik vs Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and The Harris Brothers in a War Games 2000 match @ Monday Nitro (2000)

  • The Undisputed Era vs The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong vs SAnitY in War Games Match @ NXT War Games (2017)

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Episode artwork by Daniel Swanton
Music by Sam Chaplin
Edited by Kefin Mahon