Frequently asked questions


Where do I start?
At the beginning! Episode 1 is available here, and covers the very basics of what you need to know to watch your first wrestling match. If you’re already familiar with the basics, just listen to whichever episode you think looks most interesting.

How can I listen?
You can find episodes of How2Wrestling on SoundcloudiTunesStitcher Radio and this website! Every episode is completely free, so eat it all up!

How can I take part?
Wrestling has the best community, and we LOVE hearing from you! Each episode we’ll include a hashtag which you can use to interact with the community, voice your opinions and read each others comments. Leave a particularly interesting or insightful comment along with the hashtag and we’ll read it out on the show!

Do you review the current product?

Why yes we do! Over on Patreon, we do monthly reviews of WWE's PPVs, where you can hear our perspectives on the current product! Becoming a backer gets you immediate access to out entire back catalogue going back to SummerSlam 2015!



How can I support?
Any of these ways!
– Send a wrestling fan friend a link to the show
– Introduce someone to wrestling, via How2Wrestling
– Leave a rating/review on iTunes/Stitcher
– Lovely messages telling us how much you’re enjoying the podcast
– Back us on Patreon!

Patreon is where you can back us financially and get something in return! For $1/month you’ll get access to Jo’s notes for each episode, as well as genuine reactions to the matches we watch as research. For $5/month you get to hear our 1 – 2 hour monthly PPV reviews (that’s essentially an entirely new episode each month)! For $10/month you can join our monthly livestream where we play video games (often wrestling themed, but not always) and answer your questions. And for a grand total of $50/month we will record an episode on a wrestler/topic of your choice! WELL, GOSH.
Head to to find out more!