Sarah Parkin

Sarah Parkin first watched professional wrestling aged 11. She found out that The Undertaker and Kane aren't really brothers at the age of 22. When she's not being slow on the uptake, she spends much of her time marking out for The Undertaker and insisting Bull Nakano should be in the Hall of Fame.

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Michael Francis

Michael has been following the King of Sports since the late 1980s and can still remember the night his Dad knocked on the door pretending to be the Police when he was dubbing a VHS Copy of Wrestlemania 3. He writes about wrestling semi-regularly for Atomic Elbow Magazine.


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Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald is a barbell-biffing, shin-swinging meatgoon from northeast Nova Scotia. His blood primarily consists of plasma, caffeine, and a liquid form of Demolition Hammer’s “Epidemic of Violence” album. When he’s not watching Simpsons episodes from 1993, you can find him talking about what’s happening in both pro wrestling and MMA on The Scrap, as well as video games from both worlds on The Scrap Arcade.


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George Twigg

George Twigg is a UK-based writer who first watched wrestling in 2001 to seem cool in the playground. The street cred you can gain from watching wrestling has diminished, but his fandom hasn't. He is currently working on a novel about the birth of wrestling in Japan, and loves you all very much. Even you, Tim.

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Matt McCullough

Matt McCullough is a writer from Chicago, IL where he lives with his dog/roommate, Foster. He first started watching wrestling when the Mega Powers exploded at Wrestlemania V and hasn’t really looked back since.

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