How2Wrestling is an educational yet silly podcast about the wonderfully weird world of wrestling entertainment. Kefin Mahon (host of The Attitude Era Podcast and Cinema Swirl) is joined by his girlfriend Jo Graham, who hasn’t watched any wrestling before. Starting with the basics, they cover wrestlers from John Cena to Steve Austin and explain the often complex backstories and personal lives of those who have graced our screen over the years.

Kefin Mahon tackles the problem many have faced over the years of being a wrestling fan – how to introduce your partner to the vast, confusing and shocking world of WWE.

How2Wrestling launched on the 1st July 2015.

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The Wrestling Fan

Kefin has been watching wrestling for 19 years and podcasting for 4. He hosts The Attitude Era Podcast and Cinema Swirl as well as How2Wrestling. Previously he’s worked as a mail man, a cat researcher and a standup comic. You can hire him for podcast consultancy if you want. He has a large beard and is decidedly Irish.



The New Fan

Jo hadn’t seen any wrestling before meeting Kefin in May 2014. During the week she works in digital media, creating videos, websites and podcasts. You can find her writing wrestling articles and enthusing about the Beach Boys on Twitter.



Dan Swanton

The Illustrator

Dan’s been creating art with his hands and stuff for nearly a decade. His passion for wrestling began age 9 when he began cheering for Kane, but quickly stopped when Pokemon was released just a year later.
Cut forward to 2014 when Dan met Kefin and his love of wrestling was reignited. Nowadays Dan watches wrestling for the grace, athleticism and beauty of the sport.
Dan is currently available for commission and you can check out his work by visiting his Facebook page.






Sam writes the music for How2Wrestling. He’s also the co-host of Cinema Swirl, a former drinker of Pepsi, and can be found making jokes on the internet. You can find him on Twitter at @SamChaplin.
He is currently available for commission and makes other catchy jingles which you can find here.




AKA, you! You folks (yes, you reading this right now) are what make our podcast unique. Each episode has its own hashtag which you can follow online. We encourage you to join in and add to the conversation by telling us your thoughts and opinions either on Twitter by using the hashtag or by leaving a comment on our Facebook page. The best comments get read out at the end of the episode!

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