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The hardcore icon, the first man to smoke a cigarette and drink a beer in wrestling, the man who popularised Singapore canes. What the Sandman lacked in wrestling skill he made up for in cult following.


  • Sandman vs Cactus Jack in a Texas Deathmatch @ ECW (1995)

  • Sandman vs Sabu @ ECW November to Remember (1997)

  • Hak vs Bam Bam Bigelow vs Raven @ WCW Uncensored (1999)

  • Sandman vs Carlito in a Singapore Cane on a Pole Match @ Great American Bash (2007)

Bonus Recommended Viewing:

Sandman's entrance @ ECW One Night Stand (2005)

Sandman's surfer gimmick @ ECW (1993)

Enter Sandman - Short film (2010)

Sandman returns to ECW (1999)

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Episode artwork by Daniel Swanton
Music by Sam Chaplin
Edited by Kefin Mahon