Scott Steiner

Are you ready for the GENETIC FREAK that is Scott Steiner??? This episode Kefin and Jo discuss the freaks and peaks of the weirdest wrestler in chainmail. I’M DOIN’ HIM AN EGG. I’M HUNGRY

Match list:

  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Kensuki Sasaki & Hiroshi Hase – WCW vs. NJPW 1991
  • Steiner vs Goldberg Fall Brawl WCW 2000
  • Steiner vs Triple H Royal Rumble 2003
  • Steiner vs Samoa Joe TNA Slammiversary 2006
  • Scott Steiner vs English Language (Steinermania I & II)

Recommended bonus viewing:

Episode artwork by Daniel Swanton
Music by Sam Chaplin
Edited by Joanna Graham