The Ultimate Guide to WrestleMania 34!

Greetings friends and curious folks!

Are you:

  • A new fan and want to know the basics of WrestleMania and its many characters and stories before the big show this Sunday?
  • A lapsed fan and don't know the current storylines?
  • A seasoned fan looking to host some newbies at a WrestleMania party?

Don't leave home without our primer episode which will give you everything you need to know to about the biggest wrestling show of the year *points at sign*; WRESTLEMANIA! We'll be covering current storylines, who's who, what's what, and how to have fun at a 7+ hour party centred entirely around wrestling.

If you're spending WrestleMania on Twitter, you can livetweet along with Kefin and Jo on the night! It'll be like we're all having a WrestleMania party together! On the internet.

Find us on Twitter @How2Wrestling.

Curious about the history of WrestleMania and want to learn more? Check out our episode #How2WrestleMania for a potted history on WWE's premier event.