#How2Revisited: An Introduction to Wrestling

Hi gang! We're happy to announce our new series exclusive for backers on Patreon! In #How2Revisited, Kefin & Jo are returning to the beginning of the series, reflecting on events and how the story has changed since we first recorded. Think of it as a little supplemental addition to the existing episodes!

In our first episode, we reflected on the series as a whole as well as Jo's journey as a fan since we began. Next month we're on to episode 2 which is #How2JohnCena! Listen back with us and let us know any thoughts on how John's story has evolved in the last 3 years. We will be watching some more matches and looking at significant moments that have occurred since 2015! 

You can expect one a month alongside the regular PPV review episodes!

Listen to our first #How2Revisited here.


Kefin & Jo