The Attitude Era Podcast

The Attitude Era Podcast sees Kefin joined by his two pals Adam and Billy as they undertake the daunting task of reviewing every PPV and historic show of the WWE's fabled 'Attitude Era', a period in wrestling known for two things; it's insane popularity and it's reputation for 'pushing the envelope'.

Each episode sees the boys dissect each show, aided by nostalgia prone Kefin and Adam comparing their memories to Attitude Era newbie Billy Keable's perspective. 

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Cinema Swirl

Have you ever had a friend who somehow, inexplicably has never seen any of the massively important Hollywood classics that molded your childhood? Kefin has in his OTP Sam, who hasn't seen any of the films. After countless years of Kefin exclaiming "for fuck sake" into the abyss, Kefin and Sam decided to start Cinema Swirl, a podcast where Kefin shows Sam important movies from the past in an often vain attempt to catch him up to speed, as well as hear what he thinks these movies are about, and what he makes of them after finally seeing them.

From Ghostbusters, to Back to the Future to true gold such as Commando, Kefin and Sam always give a unique take and make sure to illustrate every movie with tales of childhood, Pepsi tasting and shameless football chants. Cinema Swirl truly is "the beautiful game" of podcasts.